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Electrical Heating Equipment
Tenney / Lunaire / Blue M / Gruenberg
Tempco Electric Heater Corporation EZ Heater Corporation
Dalton Split-Sheath Cartidge Heaters
Thermal Product Solutions
Tempco Electric
EZ Heat Corp.
Bucan Electric
Dalton Electric
Warren Electric
Process Technology Immersion Heaters Solar Products Infrared Heaters Leister Hot Air Tools PyroShield Insulation Casso-Solar Technologies
Process Technology Solar Products, Inc. Leister Hot Air PyroShield Insulation Casso-Solar Technologies ASB Heating
Elements Ltd.


Electrical Components
Continental Relays MDI Mercury Relays CR Magnetics Current Sensing R Stahl Intrinsic Safety
Mercury Displacement
CR Magnetics
R. Stahl


Instrumentation and Sensing
Eurotherm Controls Gefran Melt Pressure Transducers Red Lion Controls Pyromation Thermocouples & RTDs
Exergen Infrared Thermocouples
Control Air Pneumatics
Eurotherm Controls
Gefran, Inc.
Red Lion Controls
Pyromation, Inc.
Exergen Corp.
Control Air, Inc.


Process Equipment
Meech Static Control Carotron Motor Control Yaskawa Drives & Motion Parker SSD Drives Division
Meech Static       
Carotron, Inc. Yaskawa Drives Park SSD Drives
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