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Christy is a native of Chesterfield County where she and Wilton were high school sweethearts. She and Wilton were married after she completed her BFA in Art Education. After moving several times, Christy and Wilton returned to the Richmond area, Chesterfield County where they had met.

All three children graduated from their parent's high school, which is very unusual these days. Christy joined Wilton in the business in 1980 and has performed every job in the company except outside sales and technical assistance while raising a family.

Christy is the proud mother of Holly, Ted (both in the "company") and Jessica, a gifted elementary school music teacher who is now staying at home with her baby and niece Isla and teaching music to autistic children one night week.

Gammaw, to her SIX most beautiful granddaughters in the world: Jordan, Olivia, Amelia, Isla, Ruby and Grace Anne. She enjoys watching them grow and play, especially at the lake with her grandson, Billy.

She has threatened to join a 12 step program for Grandmothers who have trouble walking through the children's departments without making a purchase. She loves watching Jordan and Olivia swim competitively in the summer and any of the other events in which they participate. The "little" girls Amelia, Ruby and Isla keep her busy chasing after them, playing peek-a-boo and reading books. They are all the sunshine in her life.

She has discovered that it really is true...Grandchildren are your reward for letting your children live! Just kidding, kids.

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